Friday, February 22, 2008

Folie a Deux Menage a Trois

The wine I am currently obsessed with is called Manage a Trois from the Folie a Deux winery in California. I first tasted this wine at Wildfire restaurant in Tyson's Corner at the infamous NRL (No Return Lunch or Not Return Later) last week as part of my flight of red wines called "Jazzy Reds". This table wine combines Zinfandel (80%), Cabernet (10%) and Merlot (10%). It's fruity and smooth. It makes me think a little bit of jam, and that's actually how I've seen it described in some of my research.

I looked up some more information about the winery. Apparently the co-owners are ex-psychiatrists, and Folie a Deux translated from French means "a madness shared by two". The winery focuses on Cabernet, Zin, Syrah, and Sangiovese. They also produce a white variety of Manage a Trois that blends Muscat Cannelli, Chardonnay, and Chenin Blanc.

I bought the 2005 vintage for $13.49 at the Euro Market downstairs, but you can get it at Total Wine in McLean for $7.97 according to their website (not sure which vintage).


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