Monday, March 1, 2010

The Last Station

Watching The Last Station made me realize that I know nothing about Lev Tolstoy (other than that his original title for "War and Peace" was "War What Is It Good For?" and his mistress made him change it). So I did some light internet research, no big deal:
  • Christian anarchist and pacifist. War What Is It Good For, indeed.
  • Wealthy. Member of Russian nobility.
  • On the eve of his wedding to Sofya he gave her his diaries detailing his extensive sexual history.
  • Love your neighbor and God. Don't look to the Church or state for guidance.
  • No meat, tobacco, or alcohol. Chastity.
  • No Shakespeare.
  • Excommunicated by the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Abandoned his wealth and family at the age of 82.
The Last Station is really good if you are into the serious acting/Oscar contender/subtly humorous/time period-detailed/OMG is that Captain von Trapp as Tolstoy? brand of films. Here's a preview: