Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bob Fosse

On tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, one of the choreographers "paid tribute" to (ripped off the moves of, more like) Bob Fosse. From my favorite film dance sequence of all time, The Rich Man's Frug from "Sweet Charity":

My junior year of college, I took a jazz dance class, which for all intents and purposes turned out to be a Bob Fosse dance class. Armed with very little Bob Fosse knowledge, this class took me by surprise and I became obsessed with Bob Fosse that semester. We practiced many of the moves from The Rich Man's Frug. Being the overachiever that we all know and love, I rented all of the Bob Fosse movies from the College Park Potomac Video. I downloaded the "Fosse", "Cabaret" and "Sweet Charity" soundtracks. Even choreographed a Bob Fosse-like jazz routine (for a class assignment). Bob Fosse! It was truly a magical time.

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