Sunday, August 16, 2009

You're all chrome

Tickets to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show sold out in like 2 minutes while I was watching coworkers play a friendly game of softball. They are still on sale however on craigslist and eBay. FOR ONLY $70-$90. Heads will roll.


  1. ugh. don't do it. Stephanie and I just saw them in Montreal and they were TERRIBLE. really, TERRIBLE. she kept putting things over her face and wearing this scary "saw" like mask and the music was really discordant and it hurt my ears, and stephanie got upset by the masks and we had to leave.

  2. stephanie told me the exact same thing. that's a bummer. have you heard the newer cd? i like it and was really looking forward to them coming to town. but literally the show was sold out before it even went on sale. or maybe the 9:30 club website screwed me over.