Sunday, September 6, 2009

Swirling around in my head

GET OUT OF MY FACEBOOK. So I am actually contemplating shutting down my facebook account. I have had facebook basically since the beginning of time. Sure there's been a hiatus now and then, but for the most part KT has been a loyal user. A recent tangent discussion at Book Klub left me seriously rethinking my future commitment. Of my 289 friends I actually only speak to a small fraction in real life. And then I find myself following the updates and photos of tons of people I haven't spoken to in years, guessing they do the same with me. Although not so much bothered by the whole Big Brother aspect you keep hearing about, I AM intensely bothered by losers clogging up my home page with their Mafia Wars game updates and quiz results, job recruiter friend requests, people with maddening status updates. Perhaps what irks me the most is that while I don't spend a whole lot of time on facebook, I spend more time on it than reading The New Yorker or The Economist or _____something more productive_______ without really gaining much from it. Also, have you read this article? A shut down seems like the equivalent of going cold turkey. Brutal. Perhaps a massive de-friending is in order first. UPDATE: I did it, I cut down facebook by more than 80%. Now fifty people left to follow/to follow me. Oh my god, what have I done?

Embracing the wave. I am letting my hair go wavy, people. Wearing it down, no straightener, slightly messy, wavy, mermaid hair. Embrace it.

Apartment therapy. Roommate Mike is going to business school next year, so either next February or next August, to be decided, naked Thursdays and pants optional everyday will be a permanent installation. Hah. In the meantime I can't stop thinking about the big comfy leather chair I plan on buying for my lazy reading of the Sunday Times, or which photos to print and which antique maps to purchase on Etsy for my new wall hangings. Stop me, I'm getting too fancy ahead of myself.

Candy apple. There's no more denying it. I have a big head. My head is too large for my body.


  1. I read this article, too. I have not regretted my facebook discontintuation. I now have been able to direct my time on the internet to keeping up with my google reader, instead.

  2. Personally I prefer to stalk you on your blog than on facebook. I read that NY Times article too. Can't wait to see the new mermaid hair. Can we please do brunch, museum, etc. asap after busy season.