Sunday, September 7, 2008

Testing, testing, 1,2,3...

This past week I made a much-awaited purchase -- a new camera. My point-and-shoot that's awesomely tiny but makes disposable camera-type pictures was not cutting it for Germany and Ireland adventures. Finer Things Club, meet the Canon EOS Rebel XSi, or Canon Rebel for short.

This is my first jaunt into the SLR camera world, so after getting a memory card today, I proceeded to take a picture of everything in my apartment. I'll spare you from the pepper grinder and banana parts of the catalogue.

My little sanctuary, otherwise known as my bookshelf.

Shower curtain detail. Notice how some bits are in focus and some aren't. Incredible!

The lady of the house.

Bottle of fancy olive oil. Just chillin' on the counter. Posing for me.

I haven't been to this Virginia winery yet, but I hear it comes off as snooty. (Canon Rebel and I would fit right in.)


  1. oh BFF, we'll have to go on a photography expedition before you depart for foreign lands! (I shoot Nikon, but I'll let it slide this time that you have a Canon)

  2. ooh BFF, Canon Rebel and I accept your challenge.