Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beatlemania POD

December 31, 2008

This photo, for whatever reason, makes me think of the Beatles. It was taken after we shakily climbed the 107 steep steps (holding on to a piece of rope) to kiss the Blarney stone, marking the finale of our 3-day whirlwind adventure on the Paddywagon bus tour around the southwest of Ireland. The PARTY BUS. Prior to this moment we had slept on questionable beds in questionable hostels, bought identical Claddagh rings (you know, instead of identical "I <3 Galway" tattoos), partook in Bulmer's cider and Irish stew, got blown into concrete pits at the Cliffs of Moher ruining our boots (well, just one of us), had awkward encounters with other party bus passengers, and in general just created headfuls of memories. [For more of my favorite photos of the trip, click here.] Soon after this moment, we were ringing in the New Year. What happens at a Damien Dempsey concert, stays at the Damien Dempsey concert.


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  1. Oh my, we all look so naive. Little did we know what would happen next. I'm glad that you chose this picture, and not one that was taken later in the night.

    PS I bought new boots - the same ones!