Friday, January 16, 2009

Departure checklist

1. Receive a bag full of presents from coworkers, including a card with a wad of cash paper-clipped inside. Check.

2. Drink one last Butler's hot chocolate, although the magic is slightly gone because it's just too warm outside. Check.

3. Go to the National Gallery for the third (fourth?) time to finally see Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid because she is back from Tokyo. Just in time. Check.

4. Call Mama and cry. Check.

5. Call Mama again to tell her about the wad of cash. Check.

6. Set up a flickr album with the "b-sides" Ireland photos, may of which, after some clean up, turned out splendidly. Check.

7. Go through an apartment "walk through" where soup spoons and love seats and toasters are all counted meticulously. Check.

8. Go to one last museum. Drink one last pint of beer. Walk past Grafton Street one last time. Check.

9. Post a final POD from Ireland.

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