Sunday, May 24, 2009

Amish POD

So...I was going to write a whole elaborate, detailed post about how the fam went to Amish Country in Pennsylvania today and practically everything was closed (um, where are you Amish market??) because it's um, Sunday, so then we did some outlet shopping but it wasn't as good as Leesburg outlet shopping -- for the first time in my life I walked into a Coach outlet store and came out empty-handed -- after which we went to a nasty Chinese restaurant (that's right, "New York Style" Chinese food in Amish Country), but...I am exhausted and have probably had too much sun exposure over the last two days and my throat hurts. To leave on a high note, thank goodness there's no work tomorrow.



  1. i'm dissapointed for you. you need to plan another visit and get some shoo fly pie - it's mostly molasses, and it's my family's favorite.

    You also missed out on a buggy ride

  2. shoo fly pie = outstanding

  3. what is this shoo fly pie??