Saturday, June 21, 2008


Since publicly announcing that on my trip to Germany I plan to backpack, as we'll be moving to a new city or town practically every day, I have gotten many responses -- Jenny offered her backpack for my use, Kristin suggested I visit for ideas and tips on packing, and Brendan just makes fun of me.

I think my first step may be to borrow Jenny's backpack and do a dry run. Take the backpack home, and see how many pairs of shoes I can bring to Germany with me. Then see if I can lift it and take it up a flight of stairs.

But what to pack and how to pack it? I had heard about rolling clothes of course, but One Bag talks about "bundle wrapping". I am not 100% on board yet, but apparently this technique reduces wrinkles and creases in your clothing. There's a diagram and everything. One Bag also suggests practicing "buddy packing" or packing half of each person's things in the other's bag. If one bag gets lost, each person will at least have half of their stuff. Dana doesn't know it yet, but I actually WAS going to suggest that one of us bring a shampoo bottle and the other bring the conditioner. I think that's totally practicing good buddy packing.

One Bag has checklists for what to pack, but it also links to a website called The Universal Packing List. This website will customize a packing list for you based on criteria such as the dates of your trip, the temperature highs and lows, your gender, accommodations, and mode of travel. I apparently can't leave town without a sarong, medication against yeast infection, my malaria tablets, a swiss army knife, and a corkscrew.


  1. meh, I don't really listen to much of what the OneBag guys says... I can't really trust anyone who hates rolling bags that much.

    Backpacks are all well and good... but think carefully about the design of the openings on the pack: top or front. If it's top only, you'll be diving in headfirst and digging through all of your stuff every time you get in there (because, inevitably, whatever you want will be on the bottom) Front is way easier.

    I am so jealous that you're going to Octoberfest!!

  2. Ha! I'm glad you decided to check out onebag, even though he's a man, and therefore doesn't need to pack 1/2 of the stuff we do.

    Here are my best travel tips:

    1. Naturalizer Carlo sneakers - look them up. Unassuming and very comfortable
    2. Black blazer
    3. Black cardigan

    The second two items can pretty much be worn every day.