Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Me Jana

Tonight Kristin, Alison, and I had dinner at Me Jana, a Lebanese restaurant at Courthouse. I've found a new neighborhood favorite. Although they serve main dishes of various kebob, the thrust of the menu is the mezza, or small plates of delicious. We sat outside on the patio, drank some Lebanese red wine, and relished the

Kafta Kebob - Ground lamb and beef mixed with onion, parsley and spices.

Chicken Shawarma - Marinated chicken in garlic, lemon juice, slowly roasted. Served with garlic whip and sumac onion.

Falafel - Chickpea and fava bean croquettes with tahini sauce, tomato, parsley and mint.

Cheese Rolls - Manchego and Feta Cheese wrapped in phylo dough and fried crispy.

Fatteh - Fried baby eggplant topped with yogurt, pine nuts, chickpeas, garlic, and olive oil.

Those are the descriptions on the menu and they make me salivate.

When I got home I may or may not have eaten some ice cream for dessert, provided by my employer as a summer gift, while watching season 3 of Weeds, loaned to me by Dana, on the flat screen TV Papa Tomarev helped me to set up in my room. I am so loved.


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  2. This sounds delicious. YUM!

  3. Right around the corner and you never even knew! It was good to see you

  4. I've been wanting to try that place. Sounds yummy.