Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mighty Life List

A blog I occasionally read is Mighty Girl. This blogger has shared her Mighty Life List and encourages readers to also create a list of 100 things they would want to do before they go -- in other words, a bucket list. I have made a list of 50 things and stopped there because already it got overwhelming. These are in no particular order and I have actually done 7 of them already but they are on the list regardless and I would even do them all over again.

1. Cook a gourmet meal.
2. Read major works of Russian literature in Russian.
3. Dye hair black/dark brown.
4. Go skiing in Megeve, France or Buttermilk, CO (or other good beginner trail).
5. Go to a Redskins game.
6. Go to a World Cup game. I may make do with a DC United game.
7. Buy an expensive bottle of champagne. Like those rappers.
8. Have a dog. One to whom I can say, “You cut to the core of me, Baxter” or name Cosmo.
9. Live in another country.
10. Write a successful blog.
11. Go on a cruise.
12. Visit the Acropolis in Athens.
13. Sign up for a ballet class.
14. Learn ballroom dancing.
15. Watch the sun set behind the Great Pyramids in Giza.
16. Watch the sun rise at Stonehenge.
17. Go to a kabuki play in Japan.
18. Make cheese.
19. Publish something.
20. Buy an original piece of art.
21. Take a painting class.
22. Take a golf class or go golfing.
23. Own a business.
24. Teach a course.
25. Become fluent in French.
26. Know basic Spanish.
27. Take a course at Oxford.
28. Become better at photography.
29. See an opera at the Met.
30. Spend a day at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
31. Spend a day at the Louvre in Paris.
32. Go to Oktoberfest in Munich.
33. Go to Carnaval in Brazil.
34. Become a better swimmer.
35. Go to a petting zoo in Australia.
36. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz.
37. Make a scrapbook.
38. Learn to play guitar.
39. Learn to play the drums.
40. Refresh my memory and fingers for piano pieces I’ve played, learn some new pieces, and have a recital for my closest friends.
41. Learn to make all of my favorite Russian foods from my mom.
42. Completely fill in my sketchbook.
43. Take a special someone to Russia with me.
44. Own a summer home.
45. Donate money to the Banneker/Key Scholarship at the University of Maryland.
46. Participate in a tea ceremony in Kyoto.
47. Wait by the stage door after a concert and meet one of my favorite bands.
48. Go to a taping of The Daily Show. (and meet Jon Stewart?)
49. Go skinny dipping.
50. Form a Depeche Mode cover band. I would be the lead singer of course. (This one is probably the most overwhelming.)


  1. For the record 49 makes me never look at you the same again and I have accomplished 36.

  2. I went to Stonehenge on Summer Solstice - it was amazing. We watched the sun set on the longest day of the year and there were all kinds of crazies out.

  3. brendan's comment is awesome. and you say I make things awkward...