Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is how to waste time on the Internet

I don't have a work permit, a place to live, or the start date of my rotation, but I already know the concerts I will be seeing while staying in Dublin.

The Wombats:


Liam Finn:

The Swell Season:


  1. Did you know that the swell season is from the movie "once"? It's one of my favorite movies from last year, and it's possible that it made the "Howard Movie List"
    Short, sweet and beautiful.

    I think the movie got even better in my head when I heard that they are a real life couple now.

  2. i enjoyed the movie and i knew they were a band in real life, but not that they were a couple! not sure why i am so excited about this.

  3. They fell in love during the movie - I heard it on Fresh Air!

  4. i loved this scene because the producer guy at first thinks they're amateurs that aren't worthwhile so he doesn't pay attention, but then he gets into it.