Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes my mom made me eat kasha for breakfast

Here's a fun NYT article/blog post about rethinking breakfast. I am all about whole grains and savory breakfasts, but some of those ideas definitely get a little wild in my opinion. I'm looking at you, saffron chickpeas.

One of my favorite breakfasts is toasted oatmeal bread with smoked salmon and tea or coffee. Recently though I've been addicted to having a bowl of yogurt sprinkled with Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! cereal and fresh blueberries. It is usually accompanied by my Google Reader, which announces every morning that I have 29209 new blog posts to read like it's my job. Hence I don't show up at my real, paying job until it's almost lunchtime.


  1. um, I know that I'm having risotto for breakfast...

    usually I like this guy's articles, but this one was weird!

  2. i love saffron and chickpeas, and these things sound delicious. How luxurious to eat a breakfast like this.

  3. Grits or polenta A godsend with Parmesan or other cheese, lots of black pepper, maybe a bit of butter. Or with shrimp sautéed in butter. Or baked, as in the polenta pizza recipe, but with eggs in place of the greens or tomatoes and mozzarella. Or with eggs and greens, especially kale.

    Listen, I am in Savannah and last night we went out and I saw grits and shrimp on the menu, and I was like, really?, grits are for breakfast. would this be like cream of wheat and shrimp?

    Anyway, I ate it and it was delicious. Maybe I'll eat it again tonight

  4. i want to try this polenta and parmesan dish you speak of.

  5. ok so last night i went out to dinner for restaurant week and the place i went to had shrimp and very gouda grits on the menu so of course i had to get them. delicious.