Friday, May 16, 2008

Katya and Dana's Great German Adventure

It's official - the plane tickets have been booked, so we are definitely going. Dana and I get into crazy adventures at work just by sitting in a conference room and preparing tax returns, so I don't even know kind of insanity will ensue in Deutschland. I do know that we are each getting one of those big backpacks. And we are really excited about it.

Here are the bare bones of our itinerary:

Sept. 24: Depart for Berlin.
Sept. 25: Berlin.
Sept. 26: Berlin.
Sept. 27: Berlin.
Sept. 28: Heidelberg.
Sept. 29: Depart for the "Romantic Road". Wuerzburg.
Sept. 30: Rothenburg.
Oct. 01: Augsburg.
Oct. 02: Augsburg & Fussen
Oct. 03: Schloss Neuschwanstein and other castles.
Oct. 04: End of "Romantic Road" tour. Depart for Munich.
Oct. 05: Oktoberfest!
Oct. 06: Munich.
Oct. 07: Munich.
Oct. 08: Depart for home.


  1. Oh Katya, I am so jealous of your Oktoberfest jaunt.

  2. i liked heidelberg and all the bikes there (there's a lot, and they're communal). Neuschwanstein is beautiful. You'll love it. I also recommend Linderhof which was also built by King Ludwig and was meant to copy Versailles.