Saturday, May 24, 2008


Last night, I was all set to have a quiet night at home. And then Kelli used the word "sushi" in a sentence. She also said the words "Georgetown" and "the waterfront", but all I needed to hear was "sushi". She, Elissa, and I went to Georgetown to Mate, a Latin fusion sushi cocktail lounge/restaurant. We should have known what to expect because Mate is owned by the same people as Gazuza, a hookah bar in Dupont where men wear white linen suits and the entire thing makes me think Eurotrash, Eurotrash, Eurotrash. Mate was more of the same. Low and uncomfortable tables, lounge music that's played a little too loudly, and a menu of sugary drinks. We wanted to check it out though and also try the Latin sushi. As it turns out, Latin sushi has the normal ingredients of salmon and/or tuna and/or yellowtail but then they also stick some plantain in there and roll it all in corn masa instead of rice. It's WEIRD. And mushy. And just WEIRD. I guess my pomegranate margarita was OK, but I would not go back there just for that. Glad we went and experienced the place, but it did not become a finer things club favorite.

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