Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Red Diaper Baby

Red Diaper Baby: Three Comic Monologues
by Josh Kornbluth

A bit like reading David Sedaris essays, only straighter and more communist. Kornbluth talks about growing up being the son of communist parents, being a math nerd at Princeton, and being a somewhat incompetent secretary at a large law firm. These topics make for interesting writing and stories. I mean, if I were writing a monologue about my life, I would probably talk about how I was working on a tax project one day and was working on an Excel file for about four hours, and then lost that file. Kornbluth wins. I imagine that these monologues would be enjoyable to see performed as well, since certain bits seemed like they would have more oomph if read out loud with different tones of voice and significant pauses. Definitely an entertaining read when you are sitting at the office on a Saturday afternoon waiting for your company's computer network to start working again so that you can recreate that file that you lost!

4 out of 5


  1. They are exciting out loud! We saw him last fall give one about the past eight years...

  2. this book made me laugh! I read it in one sitting.