Friday, June 12, 2009

Animal Planet, Hours 0-11

My parents are out of town this weekend for my sister-in-law's graduation. I was given the task of keeping the dog and cat alive for 36 hours. This band of brothers was born after I left the nest. We're acquainted, but are not very close. Considering that I have never before been responsible for any living creatures, I am a little nervous about tonight.

My mom left me a 4-page letter detailing their daily habits, food and bathroom routines, and temperaments. In it she writes: "We haven't even left yet and I miss them already." It almost made me cry. She also left me a fridge full of food. Armed with my two Netflix movies and two books, I don't plan on leaving until that fridge has been picked clean.

A little hesitant about walking the dog, I've so far only let him out in the back yard. Apparently there was a diarrhea incident this morning, and it was suggested that I not attempt my first solo dog walk on this particular occasion. Especially since he is about my size (Australian shepherd) and is a bit wild. I also let the cat out of the basement, and at first he wouldn't come out. Pissed off probably.

I myself am incredibly pissed off that I remembered to bring my camera but did not remember to put a memory card in it. So unfortunately for you, there will be no photos of the dog sniffing the cat's butt (don't quite understand that) or artsy close-ups of diarrhea.

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