Monday, June 8, 2009

I heard the aloe call my name

Have you ever had debilitating sunburn? The kind of sunburn that prevents you from going to work in the morning because you can barely move your legs? No, of course not. You're not a snow white who thinks that she only needs sunblock on her face, and as for the rest of her body, she thinks she'll FEEL it start to burn and THEN will bother to put the lotion on. Inevitably, she'll never feel it start to burn. And she never learns her lesson.

I spent today reading, contemplating the risks of cancer, if not from sun mishaps then certainly from the Chernobyl cloud that I was under in the summer of 1986, and fighting the system to get the cube I want at work through a flurry of furious emails. I won't stand up for a lot of things at work, but I will stand up for my goddamn cubicle!

Excuse me, it's aloe time.

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  1. heh, enjoying the fruits of sunday afternoon?