Saturday, June 13, 2009

Animal Planet, Hours 12-29

Field Notes: I am happy to report that everyone made it through the night. Wilson woke me up at 6 in the morning, attacking my feet under the covers. I got up and gave him some Fancy Feast and let Nicholson out of his bedroom (crate) into the yard for a minute. Alison and Kristin came to visit for bagel breakfast, and Nick got really excited and jumpy for about half an hour because we had GUESTS! and then went back to being depressed because why are his parents still gone? The girls taught me some dog whisperer training techniques, like saying CH CH to keep him from jumping, but Nick is Russian-speaking and an obedience school drop-out (miscreant) so he jumps anyways and only sits whenever he damn well pleases. Nick and I then attempted to go on a walk, short-lived, as he didn't seem to want to go anywhere. I believe now we are starting family nap time.

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