Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pirate ballet/ballet Pirate

I finally broke my months-long gym fast this morning and went to work out to get in better shape for ballet class. I am considering taking some ballet classes this summer to get some more fitness back in my life, but before I can get fit AT ballet class, I have to first get fit FOR ballet class. You see, ballet class is really the feats of strength in disguise.

Going to see the real thing is always both a motivating tool AND depression inducer. Today I saw the matinee performance of "Le Corsaire" at the Kennedy Center, as performed by the Bolshoi Ballet from Moscow. I had never seen "Le Corsaire" before, and, terrible terrible shame on me, did not really know the plot line. Well apparently, it's about pirates. And female slaves and harem girls and ship wrecks. It was a three-hour show of visually stunning sets and costumes and dancing by graceful android robots. Seriously, was there someone backstage holding a remote control? I was incredulous at the dancers' control of some of the leap and turn sequences. Those crazy Russians.

Here is a review of the production from The Washington Post.

And here is a picture I am borrowing from that review:

Next week, I am showing up at ballet class with an eye patch.

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