Saturday, April 26, 2008


On an expedition to Georgetown, Kelli and I stopped at Dolcezza for some gelato refreshment and were both blown away. This tiny shop on Wisconsin Ave. serves Argentine gelatos and sorbettos as well as tea and coffee drinks. I had a scoop each of the Chocolate Classico and the Sicilian Blood Red Orange. The chocolate was good, but the orange was superb. It tasted as if the gelato artisans had mashed up an orange, stuck it in the freezer, and then served it to me in a cup. I tasted some of Kelli's Banana Split (mashed up banana in ice cream form) and Champagne Mango (mashed up mango, soaked in champagne? in ice cream form). We also saw some crazy flavors like Cilantro-Lime. I mean, that's just crazy. The website says the gelatos are hand-made every morning, and the shop uses locally-grown ingredients when it can. Hooray for supporting local farmers! I am also partial to gelaterias that have their own blogs.


  1. Oh Katya, finally I am forced to comment...
    champagne refers to a variety of mango!

  2. Hahah oh Andy. Thanks for setting me straight. Regardless, it was delicious!