Saturday, October 18, 2008

Everything's coming up Millhouse

Tonight I went to a pub slash drinking and dancing establishment called Whelan's with my roommate and her friends. We danced to the Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, MGMT, and, believe it, DEPECHE MODE. This is what I imagine Moustrap Britpop dance night is like at the Black Cat in DC once a month. Only Whelan's is like that EVERY NIGHT. Which will make my head explode if I keep thinking about it. I did not pay for single drink all night and also talked to a very attractive Irish chap (not a sailor) before getting pulled away.

Oh and did I mention that there's glorious sunshine and it didn't rain on the day of my arrival?

OK, Dublin. This was day one. I have high hopes for days two through ninety.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds AMAZING!!!!! Yay! No pep talks will be needed if everyday is like this.