Friday, October 10, 2008

The Oktoberfest Issue

Here are some fun pictures from Oktoberfest 2008.

This one is called "Oktoberfest Corn". Hot. I got cat calls from Italians and a drunk texter attached to my hip simply by looking like this. It almost called into question my typical "gin & tonic in the hand" bar look.

Oktoberfest gingerbread cookie hearts. Basically all of the other girls were wearing them and I was not to be excluded. They mostly have love messages written on them as they are supposed to be given to you by a boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/spouse. In our awkwardness ingenuity, Dana and I bought ones reading "Oktoberfest". I walked around for a full day looking like this:

Our cookie hearts came with furry animals attached. Kind of embarrassing looking at it now, but then again, I haven't been drinking beer since 9 am this morning.

This is a brezel. It is delicious.

Here it is again in relation to my upper body. Point of reference.

First Oktoberfest beers in the Spaten tent. And a little later . . .

"Sorry, Mom."

And then we ate some ox. I think. Also delicious.

Meanwhile we listened to the band. Rick Steves, our Germany swami in book form, calls this genre oompah music. Learn something new every day.

Doesn't it look glorious?

Oktoberfest Ferris Wheel. Among other rides there is also a roller-coaster, which Rick Steves advises against after you have been drinking. SWAMI.

Paulaner tent, looking good for liter number 3. And I am showing off my 4.5 hours of shame shirt, which I pretty much wanted to wear every day after the actual 4.5 hours of shame were over.

Prost (Cheers) at the Lowenbrau tent and an awkward camera angle.

By 9 pm the camera gets blurry and you are dancing on the table to the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" played by a German oompah music band, having shed 5 other layers of clothing.