Monday, October 20, 2008

Top ten things to get used to in Dublin

10. Passing other pedestrians on the left, not the right, side of the sidewalk.

9. My 230283989 digit cell phone number.

8. Not attempting to convert every single monetary transaction into U.S. dollars.

7. Sitting in a "bay" at work, which is like sitting in a cube, except there are no walls and everyone can see you and you can see everyone.

6. The entire office leaving work at 5:30, on the dot, in a mass mob.

5. A subsidized "cantine" at work that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner for cheap.

4. The most delicious yogurt (Yoplait!) I have ever eaten in my life.

3. A once-a-week cleaning lady.

2. Carrying around a golf umbrella. Always.

1. Pubs playing music that I like. Never Journey's "Don't Stop Believing".


  1. 7. so that means no blogging at work?

    5. too bad it probably serves blood sausage or something nasty!

    1. "Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world" Come on, these lyrics are perfect

  2. I am excited about numbers 4 and 1, and scared about numbers 10 and 8.

  3. i guess i should also add that Guinness is really thick and soupy-like here