Sunday, October 19, 2008

What do you mean the cheapest phone costs 59 Euros?

Today I contributed my two cents to the Irish economy.

The first task was to figure out the grocery situation. There is a EUROSPAR grocery store literally a two-minute walk away from the apartment, but locals, i.e. the driver that picked me up from the airport, say that it does not have the best prices. I got a bag full of snack and breakfast food (hummus, peppers, bread, smoked salmon, cheese, yogurt, etc.) for 22 Euros, which is probably close to what I would have paid at Whole Foods for a similar bag. So I am OK with not immediately finding the elusive "good" grocery store that requires a tram ride with a bus connection or some other difficult public transport combination.

Then I walked to the city center and discovered the glory of Grafton Street, a pedestrian shopping wonder. I purchased a pay-as-you-go cell phone, which makes me feel less helpless, one of those big golf umbrellas, which will hopefully stand up to the wind, a cheaper hair dryer and flat iron, since I will not be able to bring them back home, and a "welcome to Dublin" fancy wallet from Sisley. I will be flat broke in three months' time but at least I will have a nice wallet.

Also on Grafton Street, I stopped for a minute and listened to a guy with an accoustic guitar accompanied by a guy playing drums made out of cardboard boxes. Sounds ghetto, and it was, but they were awesome. Makes me want to watch the movie "Once" again, since it features Grafton Street, and Glen Hansard used to be one of those street musicians (called a busker?) in real life.

Now I will go eat a piece of bread with a piece of salami on top, because that is how we do it in Europe.

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