Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is this really happening?

After packing up five boxes of work cubicle belongings, packing three suitcases for my new life in Ireland, and saying a tearful goodbye to my mother, I need something to calm my nerves and make me feel at peace.

Enter German duck.

Apparently I have a fascination with fowl. Not so much observing the fowl and how they behave in their park fountain or what have you habitat, but taking pictures of every duck, goose, and swan I come across. Especially if they are foreigners.

This is Wagner, pronounced VAH-gner in German, and the water in the background looks dreamy in this photo, really accentuating his green head and blue feathers. What a dreamboat. The Gerard Butler of ducks.

As I look back on THE DAY OF PACKING and look forward to THE DAY OF FLIGHT, I know that I am supposed to be exhibiting feelings of excitement and nervousness. The thought that I am currently able to muster up in verbal form, that sums up my current state in a nutshell (help! I'm in a nutshell!), is that everyone I know happens to somehow be under the impression that I am taking off and going to Dublin. Is this really happening to me??

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