Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Merging and acquiring

Number of gum pieces I "nervous gum-chewed" today: need to cut down to one pack a day.

Number of How I Met Your Mother episodes I watched tonight: 5.

Number of times today I've thought about moving back to Maryland in February: 4.

Number of times I listened to Grizzly Bear's "Slow Life" today: 3. But probably many more than that.

Number of new Christmas albums I bought today: 2.

Number of new jobs I got today: 1.

Yes, I got a new job today, officially. At the same accounting firm, in the same office, on the same floor, in the same cubicle. But a new job nonetheless. Say goodbye to "Federal Tax Services Katya" and say hello to the sexier "Mergers & Acquisitions Tax Katya". On my business card I've crossed out "I prepare tax returns" and wrote in "I'll merge your acquisition!" Hah, I kid. But seriously, how hawt is that.

I am still learning about my new group, and the wealth of information and skills that the rest of the group has that I need to catch up on is making my head spin. But! That's the kind of spice I needed to add to my job right about now and I am thrilled to get the opportunity. Less focus on calculating estimates and preparing tax returns and extending those tax returns. More focus on research and writing and assisting the tax return preparers with technical issues and analyzing tax returns that have already been prepared by someone else. Yeah, my eyes are getting droopy too. Good night.

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