Sunday, November 15, 2009


The reason I haven't yet organized and posted photos and told you stories from this wonderful weekend is because I have been running around printing shipping labels and cutting up grocery bags to serve as book wrapping. You see, tonight I entered into a committed relationship with

I had known about PBS for some time now, but after seeing it in action this weekend, I asked it out on a date, and it said yes. I set up an account on the website and posted ten paperbacks that I had laying around and taking up valuable shelf space -- books that I had not particularly enjoyed and that are not classics to keep in my collection -- and immediately received two credits, or the option to pick out two books that someone else has and does not want and will ship to me. Well hello, A Christmas Carol and Julie and Julia! Within about fifteen minutes, I got requests for two of the books that I had posted. Once I send them out tomorrow morning and Meg and Maureen receive them in Kansas and New York, respectively, I'll get two more credits.

I think I am falling in love.

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