Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slim to bullshit POD

On my drive home to change clothes and eat a sushi dinner snack before class, I thought, "Something interesting needs to happen to me in the next few hours so that I will have something to write about tonight." And then I went to my Tax-Exempt Organizations class, and the chances of something interesting actually happening became slim to bullshit. 

I did eat almost an entire pumpkin pie by myself within the last three days. And I did learn tonight that of all charitable donors, only about 30% or so itemize their deductions on their individual tax returns, i.e. only 30% of donors actually get a tax benefit (or incentive) for donating. And while the Senate Finance Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley (R, from Iowa, probably loves corn subsidizing) was pushing for all individuals to get some sort of tax benefit, even those individuals who take the standard deduction on their returns, he surprisingly got a strong negative response from the religious community who did not want to provide a "tax incentive" for charitable giving to its donors (most of whom probably do not itemize).

Hoo boy. Let me quit while I'm ahead and go enjoy these:

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