Sunday, November 2, 2008


I won't burden you once again with any belligerent rants about American beef production. Instead, I will let you please feast your eyes on some typical Irish cows.

Those were all taken on Aran Island. I also captured on camera a few other domesticated farm animals. This is Rusty. He enjoys Beef o' Reno from The Price Club Costco, but it makes him farty.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the dogs encountered on the walk around the island, as I was preoccupied with screaming my head off. Yes, there was a dog incident. My friend Emily and I were walking down the road in a neighborhood that looks like this

when we saw two dogs approaching us and possibly also a man coming up behind them far in the distance. The dogs saw us and proceeded to full on gallop in our direction, barking madly. Instinctively, Emily and I started clutching each other, hopping around, and screaming bloody murder as the dogs circled us and continued to bark. Again, we were in the middle of the road in a neighborhood much like this one:

The man, still sauntering, finally reached us on the road, and told us that this was the dogs' way of saying hello.

Well holy shit, mister.

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