Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lifestyles of the middle class and unknown

Today I bought the most expensive and ugliest bag that I have ever owned. It's only redeemed by the fact that Marc Jacobs uses the nicest leather known to man, and it will perfectly hold an umbrella and book and many other items.

Being a brand whore really takes a toll on the psyche.


  1. today I bought 3 ireland travel guides so that I can start planning my visit

  2. I also thought that we should rent a car and go on a road trip, but then I read this on tripadvisor:

    "Driving in Ireland's like re-living high school driver's education. Those hazards that seemed to only live in the safety movies will pop up every day in Ireland. Sheep quickly lose their charm in middle of your road after coming 'round a blind bend."

  3. hm, that doesn't sound accurate. manual is cheaper to rent than automatic, and driving on the left is a bit tricky. otherwise it should be fine. although that picture i had posted, with the sheep -- they actually were walking in the middle of the road...

    we can explore bus options also.

  4. tsk, tsk, katya!

    ... and driving on the left is trivial. to suggest otherwise is cowardice!!

  5. i can handle the manual, but I think it's going to take some intense concentration to drive on the left. My mom said it's not the driving that's hard, it's the turning!

  6. well, i will sit in the front seat and yell LEFT, LEFT, LEFT for when you are turning.