Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seems to be a problem with the clutch

Day one goal: Buy Christmas gifts for others, not for self.

Instead I bought this clutch/wristlet for a fun jeans outfit.

Day two goal: Buy self a nice warm hat.

Instead I bought this clutch to potentially match my Christmas party dress and also for a fun jeans outfit.

I have two regrets. One - pumping money into the Irish economy instead of the American one. Need to work on that online shopping. Two - when I come back to the suburbs, I will once again turn to Banana Republic sweater sets and repress the fashionista in me that wants to run wild. Am I ever again going to wear the cowboy-style boots I bought in Northern Ireland?


  1. Fancy.

    I hope you wear your cowboy boots everywhere.

  2. First of all love the clutches!! Secondly if you move to DC you won't be in the 'burbs and can continue your wardrobe revolution.

  3. hahaha. wardrobe revolution.