Sunday, November 2, 2008

The shame continues

This past weekend, my Singaporean friend and I went to Galway, in the west of Ireland. From there we took a ferry to Aran Island to see more glorious landscapes and, you guessed it, go bicycling.

We lasted about forty-five minutes before we took the bikes back and set off on foot. I mean there were all sorts of helmet issues and gears falling off chains or chains falling off gears issues -- I don't know proper bicycle terminology. The worst part was trying to ride up some of the treacherous hills, evidenced here:

and here:

We must face facts and accept that bicycling is just not a finer thing, because the problem certainly is not user error.


  1. Did you learn how to say "sorry" in Malay, in case (by the ever so slim chance) you rode your bike into your friend?

    Too bad you couldn't get a t-shirt to commemorate the experience. You could wear it every day until Jan 20 :)

  2. i should have worn my berlin bike shirt for good luck. rats!