Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have become the paparazzi

Today, on my journeys through Dublin, specifically at Eason bookstore, I officially became a member of the paparazzi. I walked in, unable to resist this large bookstore in the middle of O'Connell street, one of the widest streets in Europe. Inside it was madness -- people crowding and jostling and holding their digital cameras at the ready. I asked an employee if there was a book signing. Yes. Who is coming? Sarah Ferguson. As in the Duchess of York? The original Fergie?? I joined the crowd and got the Canon Rebel out of my bag.

She was fashionably late. I randomly took a picture of the bookshelf on my right.

This is what it looked like when Sarah Ferguson was rushed through the crowd to her seat.

This is the best shot out of ten horrible shots. Photojournalism at its best.

I did not feel like braving the crowd further to get a signed copy, but the book was called Tea for Ruby.


  1. you're in ireland for 2 months and already rubbing elbows with (ex)british royalty!?!


  2. yes, i am THAT much closer to meeting Princes William and Harry