Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Last Shadow Puppets

I recently discovered that Alex Turner, the lead singer and songwriter of one of my favorite British bands, the Arctic Monkeys, took time off from the band to form a duo with another British front man, Miles Kane from The Rascals. The result is The Last Shadow Puppets, and their first single is titled "The Age of the Understatement".

On first watching the video, it seemed so bizarre to me. And that's when I realized that all of the imagery is Soviet, and it looks like it was filmed in Russia. On first listening to the song, I kind of liked it. And that's when I realized that it reminds me of "Bremenskie Muzikanti", a Soviet cartoon from my childhood. We also used to have a record player and a record of this cartoon/movie, and I used to listen to the "Bremen Town Musicians" for hours. Behold the wonders of YouTube, as it has a clip:

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