Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Oprah Magazine, April 2008

On a solo lunch trip to Whole Foods last week, I bought my first ever Oprah magazine to keep myself and my salmon sushi company. Other than having occasionally enjoyed some of her book club selections, I have by no means been an Oprah fanatic and have not kept up with the world of Oprah. But, to be quite honest, after perusing the April issue, I can't help but think that Oprah knows how to get a girl excited. Oprah knows.

1. Tiny Showcase. This site picks a new piece of tiny artwork by an up-and-coming artist each week and make a limited number of prints. A percentage of the money goes to a charity of the artist's choosing. The pieces cost $20-$30, are printed on fancy German printmaking paper that lasts at least 60 years, and will for sure be more original than the Van Gogh prints you can buy at one of those online poster stores.

2. Artscape. America's largest free public arts festival is held in Baltimore every year. I am blocking off July 18-20 on my calendar for street theater, films, music, crafts, jewelry, exhibitions, outdoor sculpture, photography, dance, opera, fashion, basically a finer things orgy.

3. NEWTREE gourmet belgian chocolate. I know that I am a chocoholic, but these just look too damn good.

4. Four-ingredient dinner. The magazine features an essay/article by Cindy Chupack (Sex and the City writer) on hosting a "four-ingredient" dinner. I am definitely on board. The premise is to invite a small group of friends, individually or collectively choose a total of four favorite ingredients, and build a meal around those four. If the meal is not a perfect success, there should always be infused vodka on hand. I've hosted an afternoon tea party, an appetizers and drinks party, a baking party. A four-ingredient dinner with infused vodka is definitely the next progression.

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  1. Have you been to the visual arts museum in baltimore? Art by non-traditional artists. When I went I saw carvings by mental patients, poetry by rosie o'donnell, and transvestites' magnificent outfits.

    Definitely a worthwhile trip.